Our Insurance School specializes in training insurance agency staff. This is not the product training that every agent receives from their field rep and definitely not an Insurance Licensing School !!

The type of classroom training topics can be reviewed below and are taught by insurance executives with 35+ years experience in “face-to-face” insurance sales and management. We believe that any of these classes will be meaningful to your agency. That's why we refer to these classes as The Game Changer Series.

Here are the classroom training topics:

1. Farm Producer “Boot Camp” Class

Perfect for a Crop Insurance Producer transitioning into Farm P& C.

2. Farm Customer Service Rep (CSR) “Boot Camp” Class

This is the producer’s inside assistant that processes new business and renewal farm owners applications. Your graduated CSR will be able to help prepare the application and proposal plus set up the appointment for delivery to the prospect / insured.

3. Poor Performing – New Producer “Boot Camp” Class

We are the "resource of last resort" for poor performing new producers. The "producer whisperer”! Not everybody will make it – but we will be able to save many.

4. Old Producer “Boot Camp” – Increase Your Production!

Revive the once successful agent from a feeling of desperation and bring them back to that successful state again.

5. High End Life Insurance – You Will Not Believe It!

Family farmers - wealth containment to community wealth recognition. You may already be selling life insurance as part of your practice. Most insurance agents who sell life insurance default to selling level term life term insurance. Not bad – it's "better than nothin’.” BUT how would you like to sell $5 million dollar (and larger) permanent life insurance policies to 70+ year olds? I don't know ANYWHERE else in the world where you can learn this except with this course. You won't know until you take the course… then your customers will be very IMPRESSED! And you will be very proud.

Here's something for agency owners / managers !

6. TOP Agency Owner / Manager Experience

   Task Specific
   Offense Minded (Stop the Defense)
   Production Oriented

Take charge of your agency!!!

Your profit and loss statement shows your direction.
Your balance sheet is your report card! Most independent insurance agents just barely break even at the end of the year.

  • Turbo charge your agency’s income and
  • Fix your expenses.

Learn how to:

A - Earn more income through our Task Specific producer “Supervision” program. You will be able to “steer” your producer’s activities every week if you want. Need more new business? Need more time for renewals? More life insurance? The list goes on.


B - Spend less in expenses

  • Kick up internal efficiency through our CSR Work In Progress Program (Log in files on their desk)
  • And if you MUST replace a staff member and/or you need to add more agency employees, we have a low cost and extremely fast Producers Sales Class to get a new hire up and rolling NOW – not 18 months from now!
  • Get even more productivity with our commercial lines CSR Educational Class. Have your lowest paid staff doing the highest possible task level.

Be a top performing organization and improve your report card!